Mixed Mode Ventilation

Reduce energy consumption by harnessing natural and mechanical ventilation

Get the best of both worlds by combining natural and mechanical ventilation systems. When natural ventilation (such as wind and thermal buoyancy) is working well, mechanical ventilation requirements drop. When natural elements aren’t available, mechanical ventilation starts, ensuring your building is always ventilated properly whilst using minimal power consumption.

Stale air out – clean air in
Over time, air inside buildings can become stale, humid and oxygen-starved. This leads to a reduction in productivity and in severe cases can aggravate cardiac and respiratory illnesses.

Installing a mixed ventilation system ensures that your building will always have optimal air exchange and a healthy indoor climate.

Fully Automatic System
Our mixed ventilation solutions can be set up so they’re fully automated. This gives your occupants inside the building a healthy, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in their rooms whilst our systems run in the background.

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