Smoke Ventilation

Save lives and keep exits clear

Keep occupants safe and reduce the risk of injury or fatalities by having a smoke ventilation system in place. Heat and smoke can be ferried away from areas like stairwells, fire escapes and places that are likely to have people in them. This reduces the risk of smoke inhalation (a major killer in building fires) and gives people an opportunity to escape from the building quicker (better visibility, less smoke and heat, less confusion).

We import a comprehensive range of smoke ventilation products and can assist with putting together a system that suits your building, your engineers and your WHS officers.

It is essential that today’s modern buildings meet a host of regulatory requirements when it comes to smoke and heat ventilation systems. To navigate through this without expert help can be disastrous.

Let EBSA guide you through the red tape, requirements and regulations surrounding smoke and heat ventilation systems with their expertise and experience – call us today on (07) 3205 5957.

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