If you’ve engaged with EBSA, a service and maintenance agreement is a great way to ensure that your building systems are always up-to-date and working effectively.

Combining our world class window automation and louvre installations with a maintenance agreement will ensure that your automation systems work all year round with minimal outages or issues.

How a service and maintenance agreement can save you thousands

Did you know that in most instances you can extend your D+H warranty up to a period of 10 years by entering a maintenance agreement? This has the possibility to save you thousands (possibly more) by ensuring that:-

  • Mechanical elements are checked regularly
  • Potential minor issues are picked up before they become major issues
  • Your window automation system is always up to standard/code
  • Your systems work reliably and safely

Why Building Managers love us

Every building manager knows they’re responsible for the reliable and safe operation of the various services and systems within the building. This puts a high level of responsibility on building managers as their obligations ensure that the building works properly under normal circumstances, but also under emergency situations that can put lives at risk.

Regular servicing and maintenance by EBSA will ensure your systems are programmed correctly and operating safely.

By entering a maintenance contract you as the building manager can be assured of regular servicing with attention to detail and we will provide you with a maintenance report on the status of your system before and after the service to document that you have fulfilled your obligations.

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