AKZ 9622Congratulations to the EBSA team for their outstanding achievement in taking home the High Commended Award for the ‘Best Use of Windows & Doors: Commercial – Over 50K’ for Avantra Residences, Mascot and the ‘Best Trade Exhibition Stand’ at the recent AUSFENEX Design Awards.




IMG 0611 2Congratulations to all of the winners of the recent Master Builder Association Excellence in Construction Awards. A special mention to Built Pty Ltd for being awarded the “Best Sustainable Project” for the One Malop Street, Geelong project (U-City) and to Kane Fairbrother (Joint Venture Kane Constructions & Fairbrother) who was awarded The 2019 Regional Commercial Builder of the Year for the Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre, Ararat.
EBSA was thrilled to be involved with both of these innovative, world-class projects; 
U-City (One Malop St) – Supply and installation of MP2 SGI louvres and awning actuators in addition to the supply and installation of a CPSM control panel for smoke relief and natural ventilation.
Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre - EBSA’s MP2 double glazed, thermally broken framed louvre systems with our high-level CPSM control panel and a complete turnkey solution was utilised in the Rivergum project.  


IMG 4155EBSA is proud to have provided world-leading technology and design in the delivery of architectural glass louvres and window automation solutions for three of the 2019 Victoria Architecture Awards shortlisted projects; two of which were recognised in the Educational Architecture category, receiving the award and a commendation.
Rivergum Residential Treatment Centre - Guymer Bailey Architects
EBSA’s MP2 double glazed, thermally broken framed louvre systems with our high-level CPSM control panel and a complete turnkey solution was utilised in the Rivergum project.
Educational Architecture Category
Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building, Monash University – Denton Corker Marshall
EBSA installed TG series double glazed louvres into the building's atrium, providing a striking finish and overall colour match with the internal and external façade. The system is controlled by the BMS allowing a 0-10VDC signal to open the louvres to any angle.
Prahran High School – Gray Puksand
Showcasing EBSA's BMS controlled ventilation and smoke relief louvre system; including all cabling and control panel.

AGWA 2019 State Winners BadgeCongratulations to the EBSA team for their outstanding achievement in taking home the award for Avantra Residences, Mascot in the ‘Best Use of Windows & Doors: Commercial – Over 50K’ category at the recent 2019 AWA-AGGA Queensland Awards.


Copy of 623 RheinGalLU 100929Glass roof structures provide an ideal structural platform for integrating flap systems for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV). As a specialised manufacturer of SHEV systems, LAMILUX deploys sophisticated triggering and control technologies. 
In the function of a system integrator, control centres are used to network all moving element in the building shell that are functionally related to SHEVS and climate control concepts. The automated systems are integrated into the central building management system. 
ebsa banner11400x 100From conception to completion, EBSA ensures that your project needs and performance requirements are met with our full turnkey building automation solutions. 
• Design 
• Supply 
• Installation 
• Commissioning 
• Service and Maintenance 
As a single point of communication and accountability, we assist in reducing the burden of managing and supervising projects. A steady flow of command and clear coordination streamlines the project delivery; providing a better quality of work, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring that the project is delivered on time and within budget. 
Delivering multi-service excellence, our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to assist you through all phases of your project. 
140514 KitaFfmHarheim 182Through a special sealing system, the LAMILUX CI System Glass Architecture PR60 ensures highly efficient ventilation of glass rebates and controlled drainage of water and condensate.
The overlapping multi-stage sealing system, which is designed without direct joints, has secondary drainage in the inner sealing layer. A joint-free, continuous drainage plane is thus guaranteed for the mullions/rafters even for joints to the supporting structure (for example, polygonal bends in barrel roofs). 

iOh wvgZEBSA supplied and installed the end pivoting LF550 louvre system delivering a glass blade span of 5200mm (each blade with concealed mullions). Thus meeting the client’s requirement to maximise the view and avoid the use of a large aluminium transom, as would have been the case with a fixed glass panel below and bi-folding windows above. The internal space was effectively transitioned into an outdoor environment providing maximum clear vision and ample natural ventilation. 




Little Lonsdale

Over time the air inside buildings can become stale, humid and oxygen starved leading to a reduction in productivity and in severe cases can aggravate cardiac and respiratory illnesses. 
In Queensland we are particularly prone to mould problems which can be exacerbated by a condensation build-up, resulting from a lack of adequate ventilation. Mould spores can cause/ aggravate a variety of health issues such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems.
Occupied spaces also run a higher risk of indoor pollutants if not properly ventilated. Humans produce CO2 through the metabolic and biochemical processes of our bodies; concerns have been raised about the consumption of an increased amount of CO2 which builds throughout the day in occupied spaces such as offices and schools. High levels of CO2 have been shown to decrease a person’s cognitive ability and increase headaches along with other potential health issues.
A simple solution is to ensure that the building always has optimal air exchange and a healthy indoor climate. 
EBSA is proud to deliver world leading technology and design in Louvre and Window Automation Natural Ventilation Solutions.

55931148 2192466994132803 7290905206290644992 nEBSA have successfully completed a number of projects directly for the Crown Group as well as the incredible Arc by Crown (built by Hutchinson) so we were genuinely excited when Crown requested that we participate in the Infinity Project.

Working collaboratively with the consultants and the facade contractor (Micos) we were able to provide a solution for the operation of the glass louvres in the common spaces. Paramount to the operation of the louvres was the failsafe function in fire mode, EBSA selected the CPS-M Smoke Control Panels for this task with the added benefit of being able to offer natural ventilation functions without compromising the need for failsafe operation.

These dedicated Smoke Control panels are also able to connect directly to the BMS to provide the building manager with control of the louvres (for natural ventilation) and vital feedback on the status of the system.

Photography: Molemedia

Following on from the successful delivery of the Avantra Residences project, EBSA is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Lamilux for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The Lamilux products include industry leading operable glass roof lights and hatches featuring thermally broken, fully drainable profiles able to accept double and triple glazing.

Avantra was the perfect opportunity to showcase the PR60 Operable Glass Roof Hatches in conjunction with our range of D+H Mechatronic Smoke Control Panels (340+) and Window Actuators (780+) in over 320 individual apartments.  






 FP 8307

EBSA proudly delivered one of the largest installations of window actuators, smoke control panels  and roof  mounted smoke hatches in Australia.

To read our latest case study about this exceptional project please click below;       

Avantra Residences Case Study


GC Sports Leisure CentreAthletes and visitors to the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre will benefit from the installation of approximately three hundred (300) glass and aluminium louvres for both ventilation and smoke control protection.

Commercial louvre/window-design and automation specialist, EBSA, is a family business based in Brisbane that was selected by builder, Hansen Yuncken, to install this technology.

One of the most important features of the EBSA architectural glass louvres is their capacity to provide an excellent ventilation system and more importantly, to form an integral part of a commercial smoke exhaust system.

Carrara Sports Centre 01Visitors to the Carrara Sports and Leisure Precinct on the Gold Coast may not realise it, but they will be protected against the dangers created by smoke in the event of a fie by world-class window louvre technology provided by EBSA Pty Ltd.

EBSA is a commercial window louvre specialist, installing the latest louvre technology which combines natural light and ventilation with automated window systems to help create energy efficientand sustainable buildings, including smoke exhaust systems. EBSA was selected by builder, Hansen Yuncken, to install this louvre technology at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Precinct.


Northern Beaches Christian School 05WMK Architecture and a team of consultants have met an ambitious challenge set by a school principal to reinvent the traditional education building design and, in the process, created a highly sophisticated mixed-mode building ventilation strategy.

Stephen Harris, principal of The Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) in Sydney, has led the vision for the school's new building works since day dot, requesting from the very beginning that the architect's concept for their new admin, science and student services building align with the school's collaborative and innovative learning paradigm.


82 MG 2879

Hazel Glen Child and Family Centre uses a vibrant patchwork of glazed bricks, along with various timbers to create a welcoming family centre.

This state-of-the-art building consists of four childcare rooms, maternal and child health consulting suites, various sized community rooms and a central flexible community gathering space. Located in the heart of the Plenty River Valley, the centre references the winding Plenty River in its meandering walls and verandah lines and with metaphorical flows and eddies through the central space, while the roofline responds to the horizon line of the distant Kinglake Ranges.


140813 GCI1

The Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland makes a significant shift from thinking of buildings as consumers of resources to being contributors to the regeneration of the ecological and social environment. The building is designed to work with the natural environment and will operate as a zero energy and zero carbon work place.

The GCI building is not only an exemplar of sustainable practice but is home to research and collaboration into the issues around global change and their impacts on the planet. It has also provided a valuable research tool for innovative building systems and the understanding of adaptive comfort conditions in a naturally ventilated sub tropical environment.


Arc by Crown Group

EBSA are installing new CPS-M control panel and new CDC020 awining actuators for SMOKE Control.

  • Reduces installation cost
  • Simplifies installation process
  • Reducing the field cabling
  • Gives micro control over individual windows
  • Each drive can be controlled independently with this new technology whilst minimising cabling costs
  • First time anywhere in the world this system has been used – EBSA installed the first one

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Louvres were especially developed for this project and will be installed into both towers.

EBSA have installed and glazed the louvres into the curtain wall panels offsite, the completed curtain wall panels were then installed into the façade of the building.

This is the second successful project where EBSA has installed double glazed louvres into the curtain wall offsite and it showcases the expertise within our company. Our previous project delivered in this manner was 177 Pacific Highway (north Sydney) for Leightons.


IMG 6308          IMG 6309

Client wanted something special with very wide spans (approx 2000mm) and large blades.

IMG 2284          IMG 2285

IMG 2286          IMG 2288

The western façade glass screen is a dual skin façade consisting of automated external louvres that provide solar control from the afternoon west sun. The glass louvres by EBSA Mechanical (Queensland) are laminated glass with a ceramic frit coating forming a graphic pattern.

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