Operable glass roofs: PR60

CI System Glass Architecture PR60
Living With Light

  • Extremely stable supporting structure made of torsion-free aluminium
  • Virtually free-form design from 0 to 90°
  • Efficient ventilation in the glass rebates
  • Controlled water and condensate run-off thanks to overlapping
  • EPDM secondary draining
  • Pre-defined glazing clamping system based on insulating spacer webs
  • Elastic bedding of glass pane
  • Passive House Certified
  • Double/triple and quad glazed systems
  • Fully operable for Natural Ventilation
  • EN12101 Compliant Smoke Relief
  • Glass Architecture
  • Installation Variants:
  • Smoke Lift Type


The Profile System Energy Efficiency And Safety With Freedom Of Design
Lamilux CI System Glass Architecture PR60

The First Sloped Glazing Certified In Line With The Passive House Standard

Glass Architecture M Casement Systems Energy Efficiency - Natural Ventilation
Shevs Casement Systems More Flexible And Safer Smoke And Heat Exhaust Ventilation
The Optimum Structural Mount Many Variants - Individually Accommodated
Glazing Types Transparent Versatility - Light, Heat And Sun Protection


Lamilux Avs Technology
The special AVS technology (patent pending) developed by LAMILUX ensures proper ventilation of the glazing rebate in the ransom. A difference between the pressure in the glazing rebates of adjacent mullions (rafters) is created by the wind and causes air to flow through the glazing rebate of the transoms. The “passive” nature of this process makes the system extremely cost-effective, since no active ventilation, using fans for example, is required.

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Pyramide Hipped roof
Shallow pitched roof

Shallow pitched roof as ridge

Shed roof/ Light on northern gable side Inclined shed roof without gable
Special solutions  


  • Construction available in different inclinations and variants

  • Available in every dimension

  • Weather resistant and ultraviolet resistant

  • Flaps are available with ventilation and SHEV function


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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was created in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 as commissioned by LAMILUX Heinrich-Strunz-Gruppe for the daylight elements CI Systems Glazed Architecture PR60, Smoke Lift Type M. The objective was to identify the potential environmental influences related to the elements.

To allow this to happen, a life-cycle assessment (LCA) was performed in accordance with ISO 14040/44, for which the standard defines the method and framework. The life-cycle assessment is a method of evaluating the environmental aspects related to a product and the product-specific, potential environmental influence of extracting the raw materials (cradle) through production, use up to recycling/disposal (end of product live).With a view to this, an EPD is used for participating in tendering processes in the scope of sustainable building certification systems and allows the environmental performance of a product to be communicated.


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