There is a simple reason why we offer D+H Mechatronic window automation products in preference to any other system on the market….. QUALITY. Every D+H product has been designed, produced and tested by D+H Mechatronic and you can be assured they are produced to the highest standards.

As an example of the extraordinary lengths D+H take to ensure their products are built to the most exacting German standards, every drive is physically tested during production and finally placed on a test rig before being shipped out to you. It is this dedication to quality that has given D+H the reputation it has today as the market leader in window automation solutions.

The D+H range of products are broken into the following product groups:

Control Panels
  1. for Smoke Exhaust RZN Series - (failsafe design)
  2. for Natural Ventilation - GVL Series
  1. Wind speed and/or direction
  2. Rain
  3. Temp
  4. others
Drives (actuators)
  1. Chain Drives
  2. Rack and Pinion Drives
  3. Locking Drives
  4. Louvre Drives
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